So könnte unsere Zusammenarbeit aussehen

Ich möchte, dass unsere Zusammenarbeit für Sie so reibungslos und risikolos wie möglich ist. Ich denke, dass dieser Ablauf für Sie funktionieren kann. Wenn Sie die Zusammenarbeit anders gestalten wollen, ist das natürlich auch in Ordnung.

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Warum investieren Sie Geld in Softwareentwicklung?

Warum bezahle Sie Ihre Angestellten und externen Mitarbeiter dafür, dass Sie Software entwickeln? Wieso geben Sie Geld für Schulungen und Training aus? Wieso engagieren Sie Berater und Coaches? Denken Sie kurz darüber nach...
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Working with me

I want that working with me is as friction-less and risk-free as possible for you. So here is what I think will work best for most engagements. If you want a to work together in a different way, we can do that too.

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Why do you spend money on Software Development?

Why do you pay your employees and freelancers to develop software for you? Why do you spend money on training for them? Why do you pay external consultants to show you better ways of developing software? Just pause for a few seconds and think about it...
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Ihre Webseite


Ich habe unter Anderem folgende Webseiten erstellt:

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wicket-web-action Resources

wicket-web-action is a little library that makes it easier to decouple wicket pages from the rest of your application. It allows you to bind return values and actions of components instead of hard-coding them in your page class. You can find more information about how to use this library on the Github page of wicket-web-action.

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Workshop: Softwarequalität für Entwickler

Test Driven Development - Specification by Example - Softwaredesign

The general principle of software quality is:
Improving quality reduces development cost.
You don’t have to choose between quality, cost and time-
they all go hand in hand.

Steve McConnell

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Welcome to ShortNotes

ShortNotes is a simple hierarchical notes / outline tool for android. It allows you to create a hierarchy for notes, which is useful when taking notes in meetings or adding details to notes. ShortNotes is the android version of the iPhone app ShortNotes created by Oliver Szymanski.

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Contracting with me: This should be fairly easy. When I am available we agree on a price and then we can start working together. Everything else (contracts, logistics, ...) can be worked out - It should not get in the way. If you need a detailed CV with my work experience and other information, please contact me.

Skills acquired in my professional projects

In the projects I had as a freelance software developer, I gathered experience in the following areas (this list is probably not complete, but I try to keep it up-to-date):

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My name is David Tanzer and I have been working as an independent software consultant since 2006. I help my clients to develop software right and to develop the right software by providing training, coaching and consultanting for teams and individuals.

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